It is not only the needs of end customers that we cater for! Our firm can lighten the work load of other translation agencies. We can understand the peculiarities of your work like no-one else, and will make sure to take your price per page of translation between certain languages into account. We will gladly take a ‘last-minute’ order or contribute to joint effort of working on a major project.


The Estonian market knows us as an agency which does high-quality work and, if necessary, does it very fast. Many of our customers actually opt for the express translation service regularly: it is more expensive, but we are truly beyond compare when the client needs to have a press-release, a piece of news or a small portion of web page content translated ASAP.


We have a wealth of experience in working on law and marketing materials, press releases, technical texts and non-fiction publications. Our pool of translators comprises legal professionals, linguists, marketing specialists and other top-level experts.




Our primary language combinations comprise Estonian, Russian and English. These are the working languages of most our translators and editors. However, if you need a translation from or into some other language, do not hesitate to contact us anyway: we will most probably be able to help you. We also work with Latvian, Polish, German and numerous other languages.

Still, if we cannot manage to find a translator for a particular combination of languages, we will gladly refer you to another agency on the Estonian translations market. Many of well-known translation agencies in the country are our friends, not rivals.








The above prices apply to 1 page (1800 characters including spaces) of completed translation in the target language in combinations containing Estonian, Russian and English.

A higher rate can apply to jobs involving other languages, complicated texts or highly technical materials. Please contact us to receive a price quote for translation per page of your text.


We calculate the amount of work in ‘standard translation pages’, and one such page equals 1800 characters including spaces. The number of characters in your text can be found, for example, by looking up ‘Word Count’ in Microsoft Word.

The total price depends on the number of pages in the completed translation (not the source text), so, as a rule, the exact price of the whole work cannot be quoted in advance. The size of the completed translation may be 15–20% larger or smaller than the source text depending on the language pair.

Express translation refers to an order which needs to be fulfilled ‘as soon as possible’ or ‘within a couple of hours’, and so on. Express translation rate will also apply to cases when a large text needs to be translated fast and our specialist has to do more than 3–3.5 pages per day or work at the weekend.

Orders can be placed on weekdays from 9:30 to 17:00.







We are Anton and Lena, and this family business of ours was started in 2007.
By now, our firm has established a reputation as a reliable partner appreciated by translation agencies, PR and advertising companies, publishing houses, law firms and numerous other well-known enterprises operating in Estonia and neighbouring countries.
In addition to translating ourselves, we manage a network of a number of reputed freelance translators in Estonia. 

We value simple and informal relationships with customers and colleagues. We will not be throwing around catchy but empty slogans. You will never hear us say that “all our employees are more passionate about work than anything else” or that “we will spend sleepless nights searching for the best equivalent of a complicated term” or any other advertising clichés. Naturally, we really like what we do, but we like a good work-life balance as well.

We just do our job as fast as we can, making sure to provide high quality. As a rule, our customers become our friends, and this is important for us. We will be glad to see you too among our friends!

Since 2014 Kether Translations OÜ is a member of Estonian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (EVEA). We offer 10% discount to EVEA members.




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